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Ecolandscape fish tank is becoming more and more popular in the market

Update time:2015-06-18

Using aquatic plants to build a “ecological garden”, in a big aquarium, sway with soft plants, colorful fish, decorate with exquisite sink wood and rocks. Nowadays ecological fish tank with plants aquascape are growing more and more popular.


A reporter recently seen several fish tanks big and small in a ecological fish tank store, unlike traditional fish tanks, there’s not much fish in them, but full of various shapes of plants. Some rooted in bed soil, some adhering to rocks and sink woods, just like a miniature of an underwater ecosystem.


This is called aquatic plants scenery”, said Mr. Lee, the owner of the store. Bu using lights and filtration system, we build a complete ecology landscape according to the habit of aquatic life, which is called “garden in water”. Although the fish tank is not big, while the whole ecosystem interlocking with each other, the fish’s faeces fall on the bed soil, which feed the plants after pulverization, the photosynthesis of plants can purify water quality. Usually it takes two to three months to finish the landscape setting, each parts should be handling carefully.


According to information collected, aquatic plants landscaping is started only in recent years in China, stores with ecological fish tank are rare. “I stared my business three years ago, there’s no few people buy my fish tank with plants landscaping, while now the business are getting better.”, said Mr. Lee, “ now there are many professional players, even more green hand, the majority of them are aging from 20 to 40 years old. Some customers only buy plants, fishes is just ornaments.

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