Decorative Ornaments World

Decorative Ornaments World RP135

  • Product size:

    ( 19 x 12 x 10.5 ) cm

  • Quantity per carton:

    36 Pieces

  • Box size:

    ( 60 x 38.5 x 49 ) cm

  • Each box volume:

    0.11 M3

  • Product features:

    We use real article to make silicone mould, which makes our products lifelike and close to nature. They are made of environmental resin material, there’s no bad effect on water, the products will not fade and lose color because of our good quality paint.




All our products are packed in 3 protective measures. Firstly they are packed in PE bag or bubble bag, some fragile items are packed in styrofoam; then each item is put into an individual white box; finally the white boxes are put into thick export outer cartons. All these 3 measures assure the safety of the products during transportation.

Products Range:

We offer our customers with hundreds of products in different styles for aquascape, they are suitable for all occasions and in full range of sizes. These products include memaids, corals, conches, cartoon animals, Roman columns, antique castle, cars, warplanes, submarines, human skulls, jars, stones, trees and so on.

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